Bernese News 30th October 2019




Club Chairman George Wilson tells me that schedules are now available for the BMD Club of Scotland Open Show to be held on 23rd February at Alva.

Download the schedule and entry form from the Club website or contact Club secretary Agnes Wilson Tel 01698 860298.


Postal entries close on 6th November
, online 24th November for the BMD Club of Great Britain Open Show to be held at Wantage on 7th December 2019. Schedules can be found on or contact Show secretary Heather Head Tel 01249 322873.


Bernese folk heading for Midland Counties Championship Show 2019 were undoubtedly keeping an eye on the weather reports with lots of rainfall during the first few days of the show and quite a bit of water lying on the roads and fields in the the vicinity of the showground. Luckily it began to dry up a bit for Sunday and exhibitors also had the chance of an extra hour in bed with the clocks going back and a more leisurely timeframe for travel with Bernese being scheduled second in the ring for all-rounder judge Ann Ingram who had travelled over from Ireland to find 67 entries with 18 absentees across the 16 classes.

For comparison the entry at Midland Counties 2018 was 74 entries with 16 absentees for breed specialist Lee Reynolds (Etterbern).


Photo above - Best of Breed, Best Opposite Sex, Best Puppy and Best Veteran winners

Photographs from the show are courtesy of Julie Ann Wright and I'd like to thank Julie and her friend Donna Whincup for providing photos to myself and the readers of Bernese News plus for all the other Bernese folk who greatly appreciate the time and effort it takes to provide this useful photographic record of the shows.

Above - the Dog CC his third, went to David and Jackie Benson's Ir Ch Mapleridge The Dark Knight At Bernervalley.

Above - the Reserve Dog CC was awarded to Steve, Jeanette and Emily Green's Netherlands import Matthias Vom Durrbachler Wald At Waldershelf JW. He is 2 1/2 years old,. bred by Marieke De Wold and is a son of Maxima's Kingdom Majestic Dream x Devael That'll Do Sue VDW.

In Bitches it was a 10th CC plus Best of Breed for Trevor and Joanne Sutton's homebred Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW ShCM. Rising 7 years old she is by Tickbern Over The Moon x Sennensson Nina Ricci At Bernsteph. I believe this is the 60th CC won by dogs owned and/or bred by Joanne and Trevor - quite an achievement for a numerically small kennel. Congratulations.

Mike and Di Atherton's Ch Athersbern Peronelle Blush picked up the Reserve CC. Almost 7 1/2 years old she is homebred and sired by Ch Monalou Dutch Courage x Athersbern Affinity.

Karen Bird's homebred Best Cullumbern Milano, an 11month old sired by Ch Kernow Troubadour x Cullumbern Roman Toga With Millermead JW was Best Puppy. Elsewhere at the show Gary Dybdall, Liam Lydon and Valerie Hughes' Carraigbern Noble Heart Of Rodiveco was placed 3rd out of an entry of 20 with 11 absentees in the AV Working Puppy Dog Stakes judges by Michael Forte. Congratulations.

Class results and the judge's critique can be found further down this column.

And so at the conclusion of this show we have another new UK Champion, subject to Kennel Club confirmation.

(photo courtesy David Benson)
Ir Ch Mapleridge The Dark Knight of Bernervalley

Born; 30th April 2015
Owners; David and Jackie Benson
Breeder; Joseph O'Callaghan
Sire; Am Ch Alpenspirit Who's On First
Dam; Copy Paste From Berno Manua.

'Dylan's' notable achievements include;

AnCH 17,18,
CW 17,18,19
Jun CH
Multi IKC Green Star Winner
Multi FCI CACIB winner
Best in Show from Miss M O Sullivan at IKC Combined Canine All Breed National Show 2017

Reserve CC from Tom Kelly at Windsor 2018
CC and Best of Breed from Liz Dunhill at Belfast 2016
CC and Best of Breed from June Miles at Belfast 2018
CC from Ann Ingram at Midland Counties 2019

So, You Want a Bernerdoodle?
By Nancy P. Melone, PhD

You’ve seen your neighbor’s cute Bernerdoodle puppy, a “new dog breed”, and you’ve just got to have one. The ad on the website says it is the “perfect dog”. What could be better than a breed that is hypoaller-genic, does not shed, requires almost no grooming, and is much healthier than a Bernese Mountain Dog?
But wait? Are the Bernerdoodle ads really true?

Myth 1:
A Bernerdoodle is a new dog breed.

What is that old saying about the silk purse and the sow’s ear? A Bernerdoodle is a mix-breed dog made up of two different breeds. A Bernerdoodle is not a Berner. A Bernerdoodle is not a poodle. It is a mix. If you breed your Bernerdoodle to another Bernerdoodle, the odds are the puppies would not look the same as either of the parents. If you breed a Berner to another Berner, the odds are the puppies would look like its Berner parents. The same is true for a poodle-to-poodle breeding. A breed has a consistent look and behavior. A Bernerdoodle does not. Furthermore, reputable Berner breeders would never knowingly sell their dogs for such doodle breeding, so the Berners used for your doodle are not likely to come from the best lines in terms of either health or appearance.

Myth 2:
A Bernerdoodle is hypoallergenic.

“Ah choo!” Proteins in a dog’s dander and saliva, not its hair, are the allergens responsible for allergic reactions to dogs. Recent studies question the existence of “hypoallergenic breeds” and offer empirical support that the breeds (including
“designer breeds”) do not differ significantly in the generation of these allergens. Indeed, one study found so-called “hypoallergenic breeds” to have significantly more allergen in their coats than non-hypoallergenic breeds although it found no difference in the allergen levels in the air or on the floor. While the level of dander and saliva can vary across individual dogs for various reasons, they do not vary systematically across breeds. The hard truth is that recent science does not support the existence of “hypoallergenic breeds”.

Myth 3:
A Bernerdoodle does not shed.

If a dog has hair, it sheds. Between a hair starting to grow and eventually falling out, each hair on your dog’s body passes through a four-stage lifecycle: anagen (growth), catagen (transition), telogen (rest) and exogen (shedding, i.e., the new hair pushes the old hair out of the follicle). Every hair on the dog is at a different stage of this growth cycle. If a dog has hair, the hair will go through these stages and eventually be shed. Bernerdoodles have hair, so they shed like any other dog with hair. For dogs with extremely curly coats, it may seem like the dog is shedless. In fact, the curly coat catches the curly dead hairs, unless they are brushed out by the owner. If the dead hairs are not brushed out regularly, they can easily become matted and cause serious skin irritation or infection…which gets us to the next Bernerdoodle myth.

Myth 4:
A Bernerdoodle requires minimal or no grooming.

Don’t count on saving any money at the groomer. What you save by not grooming your Bernerdoodle you will likely spend at the veterinarian treating its skin infections caused by matted hair. Talk to any groomer about how easy it is to groom a Bernerdoodle whose kinky coat has not been groomed regularly. If the mats are severe, most professional groomers will recommend shaving the dog. They will likely charge extra because of the extra time it will take them to groom an unkempt dog. If the Bernerdoodle owner balks at the added, unexpected cost, the groomer may just refuse to accept the dog as a client. Advice from allergists to serious dog-loving allergy suffers is to bathe the dog twice a week to remove the coat of allergens from dander and saliva…another reason to see a groomer.

Myth 5:
A Bernerdoodle (mixed breed) is healthier than a purebred dog.

Not so fast! Like most things in life, it is more complicated. In a University of California at Davis study of 24 genetic disorders in 27,000 purebred and mixed breeds, researchers found there was no difference between purebreds and mixed breeds in genetic disorder incidence for 13 of the 24 genetic diseases examined. The incidence of 10 genetic disorders (e.g., aortic stenosis, DCM, atopy/allergic dermatitis, IVDD, elbow dysplasia, bloat, cataracts, liver shunts) was significantly greater in purebred dogs, however mixed breed dogs had more cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) tears than purebred dogs. Interestingly, there was no difference across purebreds and mixed breeds for several deadly cancers and orthopedic defects, including hemangiosarcoma, lymphoma, mast cell tumors, osteosarcoma, hip dysplasia or luxating patellas. To the extent that Bernerdoodles are a mix of two genetically less diverse pure breeds rather than some canine Casanova from the other side of the tracks, the Bernerdoodle fancier might wish to hold off touting superior health over purebreds.

The best information for any puppy search is a complete certified (minimal 4-generation) pedigree with health certifications for dogs in the pedigree and age of death (AOD) and cause of death (COD) information for deceased ancestors. A pup’s pedigree that crosses out full registered names of certain pure¬bred dogs, does not provide health certifications for ALL or most of the dogs, or does not include AOD/ COD for all or most of the deceased dogs in the pedigree, tells you virtually nothing about a pup’s prospects for a long, healthy life. Don't be a Doodle Dunce by exclusively focusing on the sire’s and dam’s hip scores while ignoring the overall health and longevity of the rest of the dogs in the pup’s pedigree.

A fool and his (or her) money are soon parted.

What Thomas Tusser wrote nearly 500 years ago in his poem, “Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry,” applies in the current context.

A foole and his money be soone at debate:
which after with sorow repents him too late.

With enough money you can buy anything—including a "pig in a poke", (an overpriced view of) the Brooklyn Bridge, (temporary) "love", or a dud of a doodle dog. Why buy a mixed breed Bernerdoodle for $5,000+ when you can get the real thing (a poodle or a Berner) for $2500-3500 and get the forever support of a responsible breeder and a pedigree that is certified—for no extra charge?

Be a smart dog buyer. Get ALL the facts before you pay thousands for what you could buy at your local dog pound for $100 if you truly wanted a poodle-mixed breed dog (with all the mystery and excite¬ment of its unpredictable genetics and unverified pedigree).
© 2019 Nancy P Melone

Selected References
Bagdadi, F (1993). The Integument. In Evans, HE (ed.) Miller’s anatomy of the dog (pp. 99-121), 3rd Ed. Philadelphia, WB Saunders.
Bellumori TP, TR Famula, DL Bannasch, JM Belanger, & AM Oberbauer (2013) Prevalence of inherited disorders among mixed-breed and purebred dogs: 27,254 cases (1995-2010). Journal of the Amer¬ican Veterinary Medical Association 242: 1549-1555.
Hodson T, Cudtovic A, Simpson, A Chap¬man, M Woodcock A, & R Green (1999). Washing the dog reduces dog allergen lev¬els, but the dog needs to be washed twice a week. J Allergy and Clinical Immunology 103 (4): 581-585.
Vredegoor, DW, Willemse, T Chapman, MD, Heederik, DJJ, & EJM, Krop (2012) Can-f-1 levels in hair and homes of different dog breeds: Lack of evidence to describe any dog breed as hypoallergenic. J Allergy and Clinical Immunology 130 (4): 904-909.




Minor Puppy Dog  (1 entry)
1st Dybdall, Lydon & Hughes Carraigbern Noble Heart Of Rodiveco.
A very good start to my day. An impressive dog, at eight months old he is very well developed, very masculine, strong with bone all the way down and indeed very well constructed. He has a masculine head with very pleasing proportions and shape, lovely eyes and expression. Strong, crested neck. Excellent front angulation, beautiful forechest. Strong topline, deep and capacious chest. Well set and carried tail. He has a lovely rich red colour with perfect white markings. Above all he is a very happy, outgoing dog, obviously with a great future. A very stable and efficient mover too. But is it already too much of him?

Puppy Dog  (1)
1st Bird's Cullumbern Milano.
Dog of very pleasing type and proportions, typically compact and well collected. His head proportions are pleasing although it has some potential to smoothen out. Pleasing expression. Needs to grow out in his neck, very good forechest and true, straight front legs turning neither in or out. Firm topline, deep and capacious chest. Balanced angulation behind. He has pleasing markings with enough blaze and a good tan. A sound positive mover from all angles.

Junior Dog  (4 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Miles' Jaybiem Modus Operandi JW.
A beautiful young Bernese Mountain Dog who truly filled my eye. Very well balanced and with a beautiful outline. He has a very good skull and correct head proportions, dark eyes, well set and carried ears. Strong neck with a crest. Good forechest. Beautiful topline, well balanced and compact. Balanced angulation behind. Beautiful coat and dark tan, correct white markings. He moved with purpose and balance. A top dog by any measure. CC.
2nd Fairclough's Monalou Galloping Gourmet. Another attractive young dogbut without the head qualities of the winner. His skull is too round and his muzzle bordering on too long. Good neck and forechest but needs to gain some more width in his front. Pleasing outline which he kept well on the move. Balanced angulation behind. Very good bone all the way down. Another sound mover, parallel coming and going and well balanced from the side, retraining his outline and not raising his tail. Lovely temperament.
3rd  Copeland's Szarhagyaljai Fifty-Fifty (Imp Hun)

Post Graduate Dog  (8, 3)
1st Dickson's Monalou Raffael At Geruth.
Instantly attractive dog, strong and masculine. I would like him a bit more up on legs for optimal balance but he has a lot going for him. Enough skull, could do with some more width of muzzle. Beautiful neck, crested and well set. Strong topline, not among the shortest, but kept his outline up very well indeed. Very good forechest and front angulation. Deep and capacious chest. Well angulated behind. Beautiful coat, well cared for. Excellent tan and white markings. A strong, purposeful and sound mover from all angles.
2nd Roberts & Seaman's Esslinbern Saruman. An obviously quite young dog but with very pleasing proportions, he still needs to fill out a bit in his frame. Good flat skull, correct stop. Pleasing expression. Strong topline which he can sometimes tended to roach a little but straightened out on the move. Good neck. Moderate front angulation and bone. He scored in balance on the move and is very efficient from the side. Enough depth of tan and excellent white markings, his coat was well cared for.
3rd  Wakeland's Collansues Secret Potion At Bramikdal.

Limit Dog  (12, 2)
1st Miles' Jaybiem Stan Innovation JW.
An impressive masculine dog of excellent type and quality. He has a very good, typical head for the breed with a good wide and flat skull and matching length and width of muzzle. Very good neck and forechest, good return of upper arm. A tad long in body. He firms up on the move. Moderate, but balanced angulation behind. Very good coat and colour. A sound and purposeful mover from all angles. Reserve CC.
2nd Griffiths, Orme & Miles' Jaybiem With N’without Y’zeus JW. Another well proportioned and well constructed dog of very pleasing type and quality, litter brother to the winner. Not quite the head qualities of his brother, his eyes being closer spaced. Moderate neck, very good layback of upper arm. Excellent body proportions. Moderate angulation behind. He is another strong and purposeful mover, actually even better than the winner in this respect. Lovely coat, colour and markings.
3rd  Reynolds & Atkins' Meadowpark Secret Blend.

Open Dog  (7, 2)
1st Green's Matthias Vom Durrbachler Wald At Waldershelf. (Imp Nld).
Masculine dog with very pleasing body proportions. He has a fair head, just wide enough but with pleasing head proportions. Strong neck. Moderate but balanced angulation both ends. He looked a little high behind in his silhouette but it is largely his coat that causes that impression and he balances out on the move. Very rich tan and pleasing markings. The best mover in this class.
2nd Hughes' Ch Waldershelf Causing Kaos ShCM. Another masculine dog of very pleasing type and quality. He is rather long in his muzzle and could have some more width of skull. Would prefer stronger nose pigmentation. Crested neck. Strong topline, some arch over his loin. Rich tan and enough blaze. Excellent coat quality and very well presented. Another positive mover from all angles.
3rd  Abbott-Brown & Abbott's Kingstonska Iron Lion Zion.

Veteran Bitch  (2)
1st Gurney's Ch Monalou Fanny Craddock.
A strong bitch with a classical and very typical head and expression. Strong neck. Good front. She could do with some more length of leg. Standing she could be stronger in topline but she firms up on the move and then comes alive. Deep and capacious chest. Excellent coat. Rich tan colour. She is remarkably light on her feet for such a strong bitch. Well handled. Best Veteran.
2nd Jones' Alphanova Iridessa Of Jesterbern. This bitch had a better silhouette on the stack. However, her expression is rather timid and she did not display the typical temperament of the breed. Very good neck, pleasing forechest. Strong topline. She made excuses for herself on the move. Dark tan and pleasing markings.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (5, 1)
1st Gerrard's Monalou Truly Scrumptious At Torralbaz.
A very well grown bitch, she was a very comfortable winner of this lass. She already has strength of head and width of skull, pleasing expression. Moderate neck and front angulation but a very good forechest. Strong level topline, balanced angulation behind. Beautiful coat and rich tan and very pleasing white markings. Deep and capacious body while still well up on legs. She still needs to concentrate more on the move, but is quite sound coming and going.
2nd Copeland's Matera’s Summerlin South. Compact bitch with pleasing body shape. Her head needs to develop on but is feminine. Enough neck. Good front. Deep and capacious body, good topline. Needs more angulation behind and also more drive. Rich tan, pleasing markings.
3rd  Dobon's Bernershaw Power Of Love.

Puppy Bitch  (4, 1)
1st Head's Cullumbern Valencia Millermead.
Bitch of excellent type, typically compact while still having a lot of quality. Very typical head for a bitch her age, already has the width of skull and a muzzle to match. Moderate neck. Very good front with well developed forchest. Strong, compact body with depth and width. Excellent topline. Balanced angulation behind. Very good coat, colour and markings. When getting into her stride, she moved very well indeed and could show the older dogs how to do it. Reserve CC and Best Puppy.
2nd Wright & Kirk's Objet D’art Du Hameau De Baika Avec Roesilbern (Imp Fra). A big and strapping bitch, she is very well developed for her age. Not the head of the winner but quite reasonable. Good crest of neck, very good front with very good forechest. Attractive outline, strong and agile. Deep and capacious body. Well angulated behind. Deep tan and beautiful markings. Very well handled, she is another effective mover.
3rd Small's Malindibeach Boodles Of Fun

Junior Bitch  (6, 3)
1st Head's Cullumbern Valencia Millermead.
2nd Miles' Jaybiem Alia Iacta Est.
A well balanced bitch with excellent type. Good skull and very pleasing head proportions, dark eyes. Very good rise of neck, excellent forechest. Strong topline but a little high behind on the move. Balanced angulation behind. Her coat at this time does not do her the greatest favoursbut she had beautiful tan and markings. Could be a little more accessible in temperament.
3rd  Jeffries' Esslinbern Gadaboot Grace.

Post Graduate Bitch  (9, 3)
1st Sutton & Davenport-Willis' Nelstephbarn Dior Foreva.
A typical bitch in most ways except that I would want her a little bit more up on legs. Typical head, attractive expression from her dark well shaped yes. Strong neck and well angulated in front. Strong, firm topline, she is typically compact. Excellent bone. Beautiful coat and markings, deep enough tan. She moved very well indeed especially from the side. Well handled and presented.
2nd Gerrard's Monalou Contessa At Torrlabaz. Standing this bitch would have won the class. She is very well proportioned, compact and has good length of leg. Attractive typical head with width of skull and strength of muzzle. Enough neck. Balanced angulation both ends. Firm strong topline. Very good coat, tan and markings. However, she could not compete with the winner as for the athletic element on the move.
3rd Reynolds' Beaucroft Moon Light Over Etterbern.

Limit Bitch  (13, 4)
1st Reynolds' Matera’s Spin That Record For Etterbern.
Upstanding bitch, she is still quite compact. Enough width of skull for a bitch but could do with more space between her eyes. Excellent neck. Good front. Deep and capacious chest. She is a little high behind. Well angulated behind. She came alive in movement although animated standing too, indeed she has an excellent temperament. Very efficient mover with long strides both ends and sound coming and going as well. Beautiful coat and markings.
2nd Dybdall & Lydon's Tjofselinas UK Ella Rose For Meadowpark (Imp Swe). Feminine bitch of a different type, indeed the first three in the class all were rather different, the one I preferred standing was the third. This one is feminine, very well constructed. Has an attractive head and expression. Beautiful tan and markings. However, she could do with more underwool and looks younger than the rest as she is not as bodied up. Excellent angulation both ends and a very good mover indeed.
3rd Corrigan's Szarhegyaljai Elekktra (Imp Hun)

Open Bitch  (5, 3)
1st Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze Majik Potion.
A very well balanced bitch, she combines having correct length of leg with a solid, compact body while still being most athletic and making very good sense on the move as well as standing. To be critical, she does not have my favourite head type and should not be any longer in muzzle. Correct stop. Beautiful dark eyes and kind and friendly expression. Strong neck with a nape. Excellent front and forechest. Deep and capacious body, nothing in excess, but just bang on. Balanced angulation behind. Lovely coat. Ideal markings, good tan. She moved particularly well from all angles, totally in sync with her handler to win the CC and Best of Breed.
2nd Abbott-Brown & Abbott's Meadowpark Dream Come True With Kingstonska ShCM. A strong bitch, another with a lot of attraction to her but shorter on the legs than the winner. Excellent width of skull, good ears. Strong neck. Deep and capacious body, a little high behind. Very well angulated both ends. She was energetic on the move but not as good behind as the winner. In lovely coat, colour and excellent markings.
Judge - Espen Engh (Norway)



Puppy Dog  No entries

Junior Dog  No entries

Post Graduate Dog  (4 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Shields Byrne’s Auseire Everybody’s Talking.
Sturdy body, well boned working dog, just out of yearling. Liked colour and markings. Best mover of class. Self confident.
2nd Roberts & Seaman’s Esslinbern Saruman. Just a little smaller overall, better shaped head. In excellent coat and body condition. Superb temperament.
3rd Garland-Thompson’s Waldershelf Remylebeau

Limit Dog  (2)
1st Miles & Ishaque’s Jaybiem Stan Innovation JW. CC and Best of Breed.
Compact solid body with deep brisket and hard loin, forequarters having a distinct angle and the pasterns flexing slightly. Well boned with good markings and blaze. Great compact feet and has solid bone, strong hocks. Sound and free moving.
2nd Roberts & Seaman’s Esslinbern Saruman

Open Dog  (7, 2)
1st Giffney’s Sennen Cruise Control (Imp Aust) CJW18 Jun Ch. Reserve CC.
Good size overall and well boned, excellent depth of rib with forequarters forming distinct angles. Moving very well and holding tail down on the move.
2nd Scott’s Welshbern One Vision At Scobern ShCM. Another good rib, length and depth. Good natured temperament and has a very good body condition.
3rd Benson’s Ir Ch Mapleridge The Dark Knight At Bernervalley

Puppy Bitch  No entries

Junior Bitch  (3, 1)
1st Wright & Kirk’s Objet D Art Du Hameau De Baika Avec Roesilbern JW (Imp Fra).
Gleaming coat and very well presented.Medium size and oval shaped eye. Liked the bone and movement with strong hocks.
2nd Jeffries’ Esslinbern Gadaboot Grace. Nice body with deep rib and hard loin. Liked her temperament but 1st had better head and tail.

Post Graduate Bitch  (2)
1st Jeffries’ Esslinbern Eternal Joy.
Would like more width throughout her body, very nice temperament and shape.
2nd Tomkins’ Kinelarty Free As A Bird For Bernershaw. Better solid body and bone, however wouldn’t let the judge see her teeth.

Limit Bitch  (4)
1st Hughes’ Carraigbern Lovely Lady. CC.
Good size, solid sturdy body, well ribbed up. Liked her head and well fitting teeth with lower jaw set square. Strong bone of a working dog, soft coat that was very well presented. Friendly temperament, moved very well and easy.
2nd Shields Byrne’s Auseire Who’s That Girl. Scored with body substance and solid bone. Friendly temperament with nice oval eye giving kind expression. Unfortunately weak in the hocks.
3rd Tomkins’ Kinelarty Ellen Ray Of Light For Bernershaw

Open Bitch  (5, 1)
1st Jeffries’ Esslinbern BInda Hip Hop. Reserve CC.
Another good shaped eye and head with good fitting teeth. Very well constructed and it showed as she moved the best of class and with freedom, particularly good length of tail held well on the move.
2nd Butler’s Ir Ch, Int Ch Siansela Louisa’s Alpine Sky Jun Ch An Ch 16. Well boned with round compact feet. Long, soft coat which was very well presented. Solid depth of rib with width, not moving so freely as 1st.
3rd Benson’s Ir Ch Bernervalley Summer Dream
Judge - Robin Searle



Puppy Dog  (2 entries)
1st Bird’s Cullumbern Milano.
Well built puppy with good bone and feet who scored on his shoulder placement and length of back. Broad skull, nice expression and correct stop. Strong neck, well laid shoulders, good ribcage and topline, moves well with a nice outline. Best Puppy.
2nd Dybdall, Lydon & Hughes ‘ Carragbern Noble Heart Of Rodiveco (IKC). Impressive youngster in lovely condition. Very nice head and expression with broad skull and correct stop. Nicely arched strong neck, good bone and feet. Could be shorter in back, well sprung ribs, strong hindquarters. Very enthusiastic on the move, one to watch for the future.

Junior Dog  (6 entries, 1 absentee)
1st King, Green & Dedman’s Parwizz Vom Durrbachler Waldemar At Arvella (Imp Nld).

Well constructed dog who won on his good movement and carriage. Head needs time to develop in muzzle and have a little more stop. Could have tighter eyes. Strong neck running into well laid shoulders, good bone and feet, well sprung ribs, strong hindquarters. Carries himself well on the move.
2nd Watkins’ Monalou Paul Hollywood. Well balanced dog in good coat with very nice head and expression. Strong neck, well laid shoulders, deep ribcage ,good topline and tail set. Not quite the rear angulation of the winner .
3rd Flippance’s Tickbern What About Walter At Nenebern.
Res Wood's Cegshe Diploma
VHC Fairclough's  Monalou Galloping Gourmet

Post Graduate Dog  (7, 1)
1st Perks’ Kernow Festival Buzz ShCM.
Well presented in good coat with nice colour and markings. Scored with his very nice head and well shaped eyes. Strong neck could have a bit more reach. Good bone and feet. well sprung ribs, good body proportions, could have stronger hindquarters. moves soundly .
2nd Dickson’s Monalou Raffael At Geruth. Impressive male with very nice outline. Head could have tighter eyes and a little more stop. Nicely arched neck, well laid shoulder, a little weak in pasterns. Correct body proportions, strong hindquarters, covers the ground well on the move keeping his nice topline.
3rd Hallam’s Napoleon Vom Durrbachler Wald At Waldershelf (Imp Nld) TAF
Res Knight's  Cullumbern Roman Road At Kernow
VHC Wakeland's Collansues Secret Potion At Bramikdel

Limit Dog  (11, 2)
1st King & Green’s Joseph Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella JW (Imp. Nld).
Well constructed male in good coat could have a little more white markings. Broad skull, kind expression and correct stop. Strong arched neck, well laid shoulders, good bone and feet. Deep well sprung ribs, strong hindquarters. Moved really well covering the ground easily.
2nd Hastings ‘ Bernemcourt Liv’n On A Prayer. Impressive male in super coat and great colour markings. Broad skull, nice expression, strong muzzle, correct stop.  Strong neck, well laid shoulders, a little weak in pasterns and not quite the front of winner. Deep ribs, strong hindquarters, covers the ground well on the move.
3rd Fairclough’s Monalou Spirit Of Discovery
Res Reynolds & Pawlyszyn's You're Good But I'm Better Berno Vega (Imp Ltu)
VHC Griffiths. Orme & Miles Jaybiem With N'Without Y'zeus JW

Open Dog  (4, 1)
1st Benson’s Ir Ch Mapleridge The Dark Knight At Bernervalley.
Impressive male with lovely outline in great coat and condition with good colour. Broad skull, correct stop, could have slightly tighter eyes. Nicely arched strong neck, good bone and feet. Well sprung ribs, correct body proportions, strong hindquarters. Moves really well covering the ground easily keeping his correct topline. CC.
2nd Green’s Matthias Vom Durrbachler Wald At Waldershelf JW (Imp Nld).
Another very good moving dog who goes with great drive and nice carriage. Broad skull, lovely expression, correct stop and strong muzzle. Strong well arched neck, well sprung ribs, strong hindquarters, just preferred the front on winner. Reserve CC.

Veteran Dog  (1)
1st Ratcliffe’s Welshbern Seven Seas of Rhye At Tribern ShCM.
7 year old in great condition and moving so very well with great drive and ground covering movement. Kind expression, could have slightly shorter muzzle and a slightly wider skull. Great bone and substance, well sprung ribs, very nice outline and great attitude.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (2, 1)
1st Pawlyszyn’s Materas Azure.
8 month old who has so much to like about her. Lovely head and expression, broad flat skull. Strong neck, well laid shoulders, good bone and feet. Well sprung ribs, deep chest, good topline and tailset. Covers the ground easily on the move with good carriage and outline.

Puppy Bitch  (2)
1st Pawlyszyn’s Materas Grande Sierra.
A close decision, winner scored in front assembly. Well balanced head needs time to develop a little more stop. Strong neck, good bone and feet. Great coat and condition. Well sprung ribs, strong hindquarters, moves really well keeping her nice outline. Best Puppy Bitch.
2nd Head’s Cullumbern Valencia Millermead. Such a nice head with her broad skull, correct stop and tight expressive eyes. Could have a little more layback of shoulder. Good body and topline, strong hindquarters. Moves really well with good drive and covering the ground easily. Very good coat and colour.

Junior Bitch  (5, 3)
1st King & Green’s Olivia Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella (Imp Nld).
Well presented in great coat and condition with very nice colour and markings. Scored with her head and expression. Strong neck running into well laid shoulders, good bone and feet. Deep chest, good topline and hindquarters. Could be tidier in front but goes around very well with nice carriage and outline.
2nd Wright & Kirk’s Objet D’Art Du Hameau De Baika Avec Roesilbern JW (Imp Fra). Another well presented bitch with good colour and markings and so much to like with her good bone, deep chest, strong hindquarters which she uses well on the move. Head just needs time to develop and eyes could be slightly more almond shaped.

Yearling Bitch  (5, 3)
1st Sutton & Davenport-Willis’ Nelstephbern Dior Foreva.
Well presented in great coat and condition with good colour and markings. Very nice head with broad skull, correct stop and lovely expression. Strong arched neck, well laid shoulders, good bone and feet. Deep chest, good forechest, strong hindquarters, moves really well keeping her lovely outline. A strong contender in the challenge.
2nd Flanagan’s Collansues Lexis Pot Of Gold. Well marked bitch with lovely attitude. Head could be a little shorter in muzzle and have more stop. Nice expression. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Could be shorter in loin, moves really well with good ground covering movement.

Post Graduate Bitch  (6, 2)
1st Watson’s Stepdashar Winters Wish.
Well constructed bitch who scored with her head and expression. Strong arched neck, well laid shoulders, deep chest good forechest. Good topline and hindquarters.
2nd Knight’s Kernow Something Fancy. Well presented in good coat, head could have stronger muzzle and tighter eyes. Strong neck, turns her feet out a little, well sprung ribs, good body proportions. Goes around the ring well with nice temperament.
3rd Harris’ Meadowparks Dancin On My Own.
Res Brown's Collansues Lexi's High Flyer Of Delphinia

Limit Bitch  (7, 1)
1st Dybdall & Lydon’s Tjofselinas UK Ella Rose For Meadowpark (Imp Swe).
Eyecatching bitch in gleaming coat and condition. Broad skull with correct stop, could have better expression. Nicely arched neck well laid shoulders, good bone and feet. Well sprung ribs, good body and hindquarters, tailset a little high. Very positive on the move.
2nd Flanagan’s Collansues Precious Rock. Well presented in good coat and nice colour markings. Broad skull, kind well-shaped eyes. Strong neck, could have a little more layback of shoulder, good body proportions. Moves with good drive and carriage but can dip her topline slightly at times .
3rd Spencer’s Padiky Star Studded Skye JW.
Res McCormick's Monalou Star Princess
VHC Bird & Head's Cullumbern Roman Toga With Millermead JW

Open Bitch  (8, 3)
1st Sutton’s Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW ShCM.
Really caught my eye from the start with her well presented coat, good colour and overall balance, no exaggerations here! Classic head with broad flat skull, correct stop and strong muzzle. So well constructed with strong arched neck, well laid shoulders, good bone and feet. Deep chest well sprung ribs, correct body proportions and strong hindquarters. Really comes into her own on the move with her great front extension and free easy movement, lovely carriage and correct tail, she looks as if she could go all day! A pleasure to award her the CC and Best of Breed in top class competition.
2nd Peacocke’s Meadowpark Everlasting Love. Very nice head with broad skull, correct stop and kind expression. Good reach of neck, could have better feet and pasterns. Well sprung ribs. Strong hindquarters which she uses so well on the move.
3rd Miles’ Ch Jaybiem My My My JW.
Res Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze Majik Potion
VHC Benson's  Ir Ch Bernervalley Summer Dream

Veteran Bitch  (1)
1st Atherton’s Ch Athersbern Peronelle Blush.
What a lovely picture this bitch makes with her classic head, dark expressive eyes and lovely temperament. Strong well arched neck running into well laid shoulders, good bone and feet. Correct body proportions, deep chest, strong hindquarters. A pleasure to watch on the move, with her great outline and positive attitude. Wonderful coat and condition. So very close decision between her and the CC Winner. Reserve CC.
Judge - Ann Ingram (Ireland)



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