Bernese News 16th September 2015


The Dog CC, Bitch CC and Best Puppy winners - photo courtesy Trish Barr

I would like to thank the Association for giving me the invitation to judge and all the exhibitors
for such a super entry. The ring seemed a big improvement from previous years and the green
carpet really showed the dogs off well.

Thanks to my two Stewards who did a great job and kept the ring running smoothly, especially
as there were three other breeds scheduled in the ring after us.

All the dogs were clean and well presented, temperament on the whole was super apart from
one or two slightly apprehensive young bitches.

Veteran Dog  (4 entries, 2 absentees)
1st Avery's  Kyleburn Night Quintillion.
9 years old, a well proportioned dog, balanced 
throughout and looking well for his age, still moving with enthusiasm.  A real gentleman.
2nd Fairclough's Ch Monalou What’s It All About. At 7 years old giving away 2 years
to 1st. Strong masculine head, well boned and substantial and he moved very well.

Minor Puppy Dog  (3)
1st Wakeland's Shirdees Joe DiMaggio At Bramikdel.
9 months old, a very striking puppy.
Broad head with well defined stop, very flashily marked. Well bodied with plenty of bone and
substance. A very happy, confident chap who moved out well. Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy.
Very proud to send him through to the Puppy Group.  
2nd Fairclough's Monalou Spirit Of Discovery. Just 6 months old today, a real baby. Plainer
in the head than 1st at the moment. Well put together, confident and happy. He moved out well.
Promising boy.
3rd Mead's Deberni Lucky.

Puppy Dog  No entries

Junior Dog  (3. 1)
1st Bridges' Kernow Something. 12 months old mature looking dog. Masculine head. good
length of neck, strong topline and well bodied. Lovely shape and outline both standing and when
he was striding out. A really promising young dog.
2nd Rothery's Glamrock Graffiti Artist. 14 months, strong, masculine head with a well defined
stop and dark eyes. Well proportioned and balanced, in lovely coat and condition.  Not the strong
positive movement of 1st.

Graduate Dog (6. 3)
1st Gopal's Collansues Secret Bridges.
2 years old, medium sized with a broad head, flat
skull and kind expression.  Plenty of bone and substance for his size but he lacks hind 
angulation.  However, he moved well but tends to fly his tail which spoils his overall outline.
2nd Cotton's Collansues Krusty The Clown. 4 years old, and a nice type of dog, lovely
shape and outline when standing but a bit untidy on the move.
3rd Hughes' Waldershelf Causing Kaos.

Post Graduate Dog   (3)
1st Green's Alpenspirit Pure Pleasure For Arvella (Imp).
 2 year old, attractive medium
sized dog. Masculine head with dark eyes, and melting expression. A well proportioned and
balanced dog with good front and rear angulation. Moved well around the ring keeping his
topline and his tail never stopped wagging.
2nd Vaychukus Flintas Kalnu Suo. Just over 2 years and a smaller type of dog, not the
maturity of 1st. Pleasing outline and he is in hard, fit condition. Moved out well but just slightly
down on his pasterns. Happy dog.
3rd Martin's Moondance Fasination.

Limit Dog  (10, 3)  
A very strong class
1st King & Bramble's Shirdees Continental JW ShCM.
Winning an excellent class, a very
handsome, typy male, Lovely head and expression. Pleasing shape and outline when standing
and when he strides out around the ring. Calm and steady temperament. Beautifully presented
in immaculate coat and condition. Reserve CC.  
2nd Round's Collansues Black Magic. Just over 2 years old, an impressive, all male looking
dog. Good type with strong bone and substance all through. Well proportioned and shapely, he
is in fit condition and moved well with reach and drive, maturing into a really honest dog.
3rd Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Scobern.

Open Dog  (7.3)
1st Bridges' Ch Kernow Rock Star.
An impressive male of excellent breed type. Broad head
with flat skull and well pronounced stop, kind expression. Sturdy and well boned with tight cat
feet. Lovely shape and outline, firm topline and a well carried tail which he maintained when
moving freely and effortlessly round the ring. CC. 
2nd Cotton's Ch Collansues Snow Patrol. Larger than 1st. Strong masculine head with well
pronounced stop, dark eyes, but loose flews. Lovely bone and substance, deep chest. Tight cat
feet. Happy outgoing boy, very exuberant which spoils his movement. Lovely type.
3rd Granger's Jaybiem I Tri For Shadybower JW.   

Veteran Bitch  (1)
1st Green's Waldershelf Happy Hattie.
Attractive feminine bitch in excellent condition who
belies her 8 years. Soft expression, dark eyes. Pleasing shape and outline with good length of
neck and good angulation front and rear. Very true on the move with good reach and drive,
maintaining her topline and correct tail carriage. Well presented. Best Veteran & Reserve CC.  
2nd Rothery's Glamrock Future Legend. 7 years old, in really good condition. A very neat,
compact girl, totally feminine with a sweet expression. Balanced with good front and rear
angulation. Enthusiastic on the move, but is just slightly down on her pasterns.
3rd Harris' Vellbern Geisha Girl.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (4, 2)
1st Bridges' Kernow Festival Days.
6 months old and real baby puppy, very raw but she has
all the essential qualities. Sweetest head and expression, she moved truly taking everything in
her stride. Bum high at the moment. Adorable. I could have taken her home.
2nd Granger's Shirdees Harlow Jean Of Shadybower. 9 months old at the in-between stage.
Plainer in the head and lacking stop at present. Good overall conformation, well boned.  Lovely
coat and very well presented. Moved well, making her handler work hard to keep up.

Puppy Bitch  (3)
1st Cooke & Stevens' Vellbern Dance For Me At Tickbern.
11 months, pretty, feminine girl.
Head developing well, pleasing shape and well balanced. Her movement was very true and
positive. Lovely outline both standing and on the move. Best Puppy Bitch.
2nd Bateman's Santala Aspects Of Love. 10 months, another pretty girl, darkly marked. Well
boned and balanced. Slightly narrow in front, a very happy outgoing girl who just needs to settle
down on the move, gave her handler a hard time.
3rd Zeligowska Bellucci.

Junior Bitch  (10, 1) 

A very good class with some lovely young bitches.
1st Weston's Bernfawr In Vogue. Lovely typy bitch. Broad head with flat skull, dark eyes and
sweet expression. Excellent bone and substance and very mature looking. Strong and well
muscled but still feminine. Moved well.
2nd Cooke & Stevens' Tickbern Tassimo Mocha. Another lovely type. Pretty, feminine bitch,
sweet head with dark markings. Lovely shape and outline, good depth of chest and well angulated
front and rear, a neat and tidy mover.
3rd Miles' Save Dallas Kiss For Jaybiem.

Graduate Bitch  (6, 1)

1st Bridges' Kernow Hello Old Friend. Lovely bitch for type and quality. Good head, correct stop,
dark eyes, classic markings. Very good overall conformation giving a pleasing outline both on the
stand and when she moved out well holding her topline with correct tail carriage.
2nd Wilson's Monalou Maid In Russia At Blumental. Well presented bitch with a good feminine
head and dark eyes. Good reach of neck, well bodied and balanced. Sound mover and showed well.
3rd Coombes' Halesbern Calender Girl (TAF)

Post Graduate Bitch  (9, 4)

1st Stelmach & Davis' Chippis She’s A Diamond. A very neat looking bitch. Pretty head with
correct stop and dark almond eyes. Good proportions although she's apt to look short in the neck.
She was in good condition and moved very true and soundly.  Well presented and very attentive
to her handler.
2nd Bridges' Kernow Moon Song. Honest typy bitch with plenty of bone and substance and neat
tight feet. Slightly light in the eye. Well proportioned and she moved freely and easily.
3rd Cowell's Tickbern Rumour Has It.      

Limit Bitch  (12, 5)
1st Flanagan's Collansues Magical Dream.
Impressive looking mature bitch. Lovely type, strong
head but still feminine, flat skull, correct stop and dark eyes. Excellent bone and substance with
tight cat feet. Calm and steady temperament, she moved with reach and drive and could keep
going all day.
2nd Wills' Kernow Moon Dust. Smaller bitch, who didn’t want to co-operate with her handler
today. Very similar to litter sister (2nd in PGB). Attractive head, well boned with correct front and
rear angulation. Good shape and outline, she moved very soundly, just need to watch her front
feet placement when standing.
3rd King & Bramble's Shirdees Chevrolet.

Open Bitch  (7, 4)
1st Pawlyzyn's Ch Materabern Disco Diva.
Very attractive bitch who was on top form today.
Super for type. Feminine head with flat skull and correct stop, good depth of muzzle.  Eyes just 
a touch round but lovely expression. Not in full coat but such a balanced shape and outline. Very
enthusiastic on the move with great ring presence. I liked her the last time I judged and she has
great ring presence. I liked her the last time I judged and she has matured into a lovely bitch.
CC & Best of Breed.
2nd Flanagan's Collansues Rose Bud.
Another very feminine pretty girl. Lovely head, dark eye
and kind expression. A really neat, tidy bitch with everything in the right place.  She moved very
soundly and freely with reach and drive. Well presented and attentive to her handler.  I considered
her for the Reserve CC but she was unsettled with an unfamiliar handler.
3rd Stelmach & Davis' Chippis Black Diamond.

Good Citizen Bitch  (4)
1st Stelmach & Davis Chippis Black Diamond
. Medium sized, good head, dark eyes and sweet
expression. Happy girl who strode out well at one with her handler but tends to roll and could
benefit from losing a couple of pounds.
2nd Stelmach & Davis' Chippis She’s A Diamond
3rd Flanagan's Collansues Rock Goddess.
Judge - Trish Barr.       

Jude Simonds  







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