Bernese News 9th September 2015

Wasps turn up everywhere during the summer months!

Pauline Butcher and Bernese Welfare dog Percy enjoying a fun day out together.

The BMD Club of Wales held their 3rd Open Show on Bank Holiday Saturday at the Oswestry
Showground.  The judge was Mike Vines (Parvodene). There were 47 exhibits giving 55 entries
with 20 absentees plus 2 withdrawn across 20 classes with 6 entered Not For Competition.  

Best Dog was won by Gary Griffiths, Mandy Orme & June Miles' 3 1/2 year old Jaybiem Y'euben
Chozen JW who was bred by June and sired by Duntiblae Dark Protector Of Otherton x Ch 
Jaybiem Ikea JW ShCM. 

Best Bitch & Best in Show was awarded to Jean Jones' homebred Welshbern Mary Poppins, 
also 3 1/2 years old and sired by Ch Monalou Dutch Courage x Welshbern Shan.

Best Puppy went to Mark & Julie Wakeland's Shirdees Joe Dimaggio At Bramikdel who is an 8
month old son of Ch Jaybiem Utwo JW ShCM x Shirdees Chevrolet and bred by Shirley King &
Julie Bramble.  

Steve, Jeannette & Emily Green's homebred 7 1/2 year old Ch Waldershelf Happy Hattie who
who is sired by Ch Bernolyn It's Beano Surprise x Quarts de Chaume Van't Rijkenspark At
Waldershelf (imp) was Best Veteran.  Congratulations.


Heather Head emailed;

"Reading a recent critique, I noted that the judge recorded an astonishing 137 "goods".  I am
now beginning to wonder what on earth “good" means!”


At City of Birmingham Championship Show breed specialist judge Trish Barr had 95 entries
with 30 absentees across 18 classes. 

Shandy Bridges' homebred Ch Kernow Rock Star (Ch Kernow Ohso Special x Kernow Uptou)
topped the dogs, winning his 7th CC with Shirley King & Julie Bramble's Shirdees Continental
JW ShCM (Ch Jaybiem Innu Endo JW ShCM x Shirdees Bobby's Girl) collecting his 7th Reserve
CC.  Shirley & Julie also bred the Best Puppy, Shirdees Joe Dimaggio At Bramikdel owned by
Mark & Julie Wakeland (breeding above). 

The bitch CC, her 8th plus Best of Breed went to Leena Pawlyszyn's Ch Materabern Disco Diva
(bred by Leena's mum Kathy - Ch Chyburne Classy Luca x Materabern Cha Cha Cha) with the
Reserve being awarded to Steve, Jeannette & Emily Green's homebred Ch Waldershelf  Happy
Hattie (breeding above) who was also placed 4th out of an entry of 25 in the Higham Press AV
Veteran Stakes 2 judged by Mr E Paterson.   

Elsewhere at the show young Paige Spencer was 2nd out of 11 in the Junior Handling Association
Classes 2 in the 12 - 16 age category and also 2nd in an entry of 13 with 8 absentees in the
Young Kennel Club Stakes 2 AV Working.  Congratulations.


The demands upon a breed rescue or Welfare organisation
are a direct reflection of what is
happening within a breed; breeder and buyer ethics, the standard of health and temperament/
activity level within the population of a breed and also economic factors all contribute to reasons
why some Bernese move from one home to another home or into a temporary place of refuge.

This year the reasons given by owners relinquishing their Bernese into the care of Bernese
Welfare UK is pretty much as previously experienced and very much as we have come to expect
within the current climate but is none-the-less a depressing and worrying situation.  There is no
indication that things are about to improve.

Too many sellers of Bernese (both here and those resident overseas who ship Bernese to the UK
market) are only concerned with making a sale and give little or no thought, and care even less,
as to whether their Bernese "merchandise" is suited to the potential buyer or if indeed the buyer
can provide an ideal home for a Bernese. 

Too many buyers "just want one" and grab at the first Bernese they see advertised that takes
their fancy.  Technology advances make it easy for reckless, opportunist buyers to purchase and
even pay for a Bernese online, and in some cases buyers have arranged for a Bernese to be
delivered to them with the entire transaction being made without them ever having to leave the
comfort of their own home! 

The enthusiasm to acquire a Bernese appears to cause too many people to throw caution to the
wind by failing to do sufficient research or consider the implications of committing to a large dog
before the purchase, with the inevitable result that the union between owner and Bernese who
are unsuited to each other may not be a long or happy one. 

Too many owners fail to take into account the potential financial burden if their Bernese should
need expensive veterinary treatment and choose to discard the dog rather than fund veterinary
attention when health issues arise.   Insurance cover for our breed is horrendously expensive
and a significant number of owners either fail to purchase a policy providing adequate cover or
have cancelled a policy they can no longer afford.

Between 1st January  to 8th September 2015 Bernese Welfare UK has accepted 21 displaced
Bernese into our care and have helped with the rehoming of a further 9 Bernese.  Many of the
Bernese we have taken in were discarded by their owners due to the dogs having unforeseen
temperament, behaviour or health issues of varying degrees and the owners couldn't cope with
the complications when they arose.  Some of those "issues" responded well to appropriate
remedial action but some were of a more complicated and serious degree.  The ages of those 
Bernese we accepted into care so far this year ranged from the youngest at 5 months old to a
poor old chap who was 9 1/2 years old with several health problems including a terminal tumour
but he spent his final few months in a comfortable home being cared for in the way he deserved.   

For the first time in decades we started 2015 with a few hundred pounds in credit at the bank
and we are extremely gratefulto everyone who has contributed to our Fund and who have been,
or are, involved in fundraising for us to help us to continue, in turn, to provide aid, refuge and
secure permanent new homes for needy Bernese.   None of the money donated to Bernese
Welfare UK is spent on Honorariums, "COPE" payments, gratuities or administration costs; every
penny is spent on the actual dogs to pay for medication and veterinary fees incurred.  Thank you
so much from all of us at Bernese Welfare UK.    

Jude Simonds

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