Bernese News 11th September 2017

Marian Scott would like to remind you all that postal entries for the Northern BMD Club Open
Show close on 20th September and she also sent this scan of the schedule cover.


Chris Wood emailed; 

"So thrilled to report that Layla aka Tamarbern Dusky Maiden went Group 4 after going Best of
Breed under Tracy  Morgan (Rossimon) at North Devon CA Open Show on 10th September. She
also went on to go Best Working Veteran under the same judge. 

"Layla will be 8 years old on 21st October and still representing our breed so well and still
enjoying her time in the show ring." 


First of all I would like to thank all exhibitors that waited so patiently for the start of judging. Having 
to wait around until 2.30pm can be exhausting for exhibitors but even more so for the dogs. A huge 
thank you to my ring steward Bob Potts who was welcoming, efficient and alert throughout.
Puppy Dog or Bitch  (2 entries)
1st Dybdall, Lydon & Hartley-Mair’s Meadowpark's Girl On Fire For Rodiveco.
Pretty, feminine 
quality puppy bitch of 9 months.  Entered the ring confidently, oozed quality and beautifully 
presented. The most prettiest head and typically feminine in expression. Broad muzzle, enough 
stop, deep dark almond shaped eyes and high ear set. Excellent straight front with correct shoulder 
placement leading to a good length of upper arm, strong level topline held throughout standing and 
moving. Compact body, super turn of stifle, short hocks and stood on tight, cat-like feet. Correct
tail set. Movement was faultless, especially for one so young, so together coming and going. 
Best Puppy, Reserve Best Bitch.
2nd MacLeod’s Solo Van St-Niklas (Imp).
11 month old male who needs time to settle into his 
frame as he is all legs at present. Masculine head with dark eyes. Straight front legs but needs to 
drop into his chest which should happen when fully mature.Good topline which he held on the move. 
Movement difficult to assess as he needs to work as one with his handler.
Post Graduate Dog or Bitch  (4 entries, 2 absentees)
A difficult decision here, two excellent examples.
1st Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Perfect Record. Upper-sized male at just 2 years old 
who I absolutely loved going over. The most masculine of heads, deepest of dark eyes of correct 
shape, strong breadth of muzzle, well defined stop, flat skull and correct ears. Typical melting 
expression. Good length of neck, strong and muscular leading into excellent shoulders, good
length of upper arm, strong front. Super strong topline, 9:10 body, so well angulated behind which
enabled him to power round the ring. Beautifully presented, gleaming coat with excellent colouring 
and markings. Pushed hard for the top spot but it simply came down to the maturity of the Open 
dog. Reserve Best Dog.
2nd McCormick’s Monalou Star Princess. Bitch, 2 years old. Feminine yet strong head. Dark,  
almond shaped eyes, well defined stop, scissor bite, flat skull and well set ears. Creates a true 
shapely example of the breed. Good front angles, stood straight on front legs. Strong topline, 
correct body ratios, excellent hind angulation and short hocks. Tight cat-like feet. Movement was
super sound throughout, the only thing to let her down was she flew her tail a little too proud today. 
An easy decision for her to win Best Bitch.
Open Dog  (4)
1st Hartley-Mair & Dybdall’s Ch Meadowpark High Class.
A top winning dog who does not 
disappoint. When going over him I thought "wow, this is the reason he is on a roll!"  2 ½ year old
male and where do I start? Masculine head, deep dark eyes, well placed ears. Strong, masculine
neck, well placed shoulders, good upper arm, straight front legs, tight feet. Strong topline. 
Excellent hind angulation, short hocks, correct tailset with the addition of super bone, substance 
and style. Powered round the ring, clean tidy front and hind movement and so pleasing to watch in
profile. A strong, heavy male with such light and fluid movement. Could not be denied Best Dog, 
Best of Breed. So pleased to see him take Group 1 in a quality group.
2nd Dickson’s Monalou Vino Verde At Geruth. 2 years old, lacking in coat today but nothing to
hide. Masculine head albeit a little overdone for my preference. Well shaped dog, good angles fore 
and aft. Good hind and profile movement but a little disappointing coming towards.
Open Bitch  (4, 1)
Tough decision here, I had to really nit-pick between 1st and 2nd. Both good examples.
1st Hartley-Mair & Dybdall’s Meadowpark Picture Perfect. 2 ½ years old and litter mate to the 
Reserve Best Dog. Super head, just my type. Excellent length of neck that leads to correct front 
placement. Strong topline, appears a tad long in loin but when assessed is 9:10, this may be down 
to the lack of coat today. Excellent hind angles, enough bone for size. Portrays a true shapely 
outline which was the deciding factor. Moves out well in profile but needs to settle and find a good 
2nd McCormick’s Monalou Artic Queen.  6 years old and in her prime. Super type, strong, 
feminine head and expression with beautiful eyes. A quality bitch to go over. Correct angles both 
fore and aft, excellent bone and substance. Another one with good profile movement, used her 
powerful hocks to show clean hind movement, just lost out today on front movement.
Judge - Leena Pawlyszyn (Matera)



Jude Simonds


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