Bernese News 14th September 2017

VINO ~ Champion Vellbern You Japanese Gem
15th July 2010 ~ 11th September 2017

Aileen and Ron Trevett emailed: 
"We are stunned and broken. On Monday our beautiful Vino went to be with her baby Rioja at 
the bridge. She had been unwell for a few days and yesterday was much worse Tests done on 
Friday revealed Histio. She deteriorated so fast, on Monday morning she was desperately ill 
and though we tried to keep her safe we couldn't and so we gave her sleep to save her from 
further suffering. Histio takes no prisoners and we could do nothing to stop it's march. She went 
from a happy girl to a very poorly one in just a few days.

"To say we are heartbroken is no where near enough, to lose two gorgeous girls in two weeks 
is far too cruel for words. We have not had time to come to terms with one loss and it's beyond 
belief that both our precious girls have left us. We are numb with pain and grief.  Words do
nothing to express our complete devastation.

"The house is empty and we cannot believe our loss.

"Vino had a wonderful time while in the rings winning 5 CC's and following her mother to become 
our second home bred Champion. She was a true ambassador for her breed; gentle, kind, loving, 
never put a foot wrong. Loved by so many and adored by us. She gave us some super puppies 
and so much fun. She stepped effortlessly into Merlot's paws when I lost her and helped heal my 

"She will never be forgotten, never be far from our hearts. She loved with a passion and gave her
soul to me, now she has taken mine with her. Her need to be with Rioja was obvious. RIP Vino,  
Big Dog, "Viny weeny growbags " life will be so much less without you. Sleep tight with Rioja, she 
is waiting for you here, we will not separate you now, your ashes will be scattered together. xx"


Trish Goodyear tells me that online entries for the Southern BMD Club Open Show
been extended to Monday 18th September. The show will be held on 1st October 2017 at the
Mole Barn, Leatherhead, Surrey. 

Schedules can be downloaded and entries made at  
The judge is all-rounder Darren Clarke (Peluche).
Contact Lindsey Worrow Tel; 01737 554471 or the club website ‚Äč

Jude Simonds


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