Bernese News 7th September 2018


I last judged four years ago, most dogs were new to me. It has been a challenging time during the heatwave keeping your dogs in tiptop condition. Coats come and go but harder to keep fit and well muscled when the mercury is in the 30’s.

I was pleased with overall condition, lots of variation in size and type. The youngsters very promising, great for the future. Movement I kept to a minimum as it was becoming very warm. Thanks to my stewards who helped to keep the ring running smoothly and efficiently keeping waiting to a minimum.

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch  (4 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Akehurst's Jesterbrock Alpine Storm. 
Well grown male, 2 ½. Good coat and condition. Moved effortlessly. Stood four square. Strong handsome dog, good clear marking, well defined stop, expressive and alert expression. Sensible temperament. A little proud of his tail.
2nd Wood's Tamarbern Dusky Maiden.  At nearly 9 a lovely Veteran. In good coat and condition. Pretty feminine head with good stop and benevolent expression. Moved well from all angles and belied her age.
3rd Game's Chippis Diamond Wizard.

Minor Puppy Dog  (1)
1st Bridges' Kernow Troublue. 
7 month baby. Nice make and shape. Correct clear markings. Promising head, well placed ears, dark eye. Gaited well in profile with a nicely rounded rump. Just needs to tighten in front.

Puppy Dog  (1)
1st Flanagan's Collansues Magical Spell.
Strong, well grown puppy. Pleasing outline. Well up for size and substance. Moved well from all angles, stood correctly. Promising head, well defined stop, strong muzzle. Excellent front assembly with good drive from well muscled rear. Hope he will lose the curls when his coat returns. Best Puppy.

Junior Dog  (2)
Both excellent Juniors at 15 months. Well up for size. Both in good coat and condition,
1st Rumble's Harvestbank In Dreams Of Glenbrienz.  Attractive head and expression. Best of fronts. Strong neck. Firm topline. Gaited well and very positive coming and going with good reach and drive.
2nd Mutter's Know How From Christofland At Xaria. Not as deep in chest as 1st and not as true behind but has similar attributes to 1st having good head, correct markings and firm level topline.

Yearling Dog  (2)
1stBridges' Kernow Troubadour JW.
  Rising 2, lovely make and shape. Very well balanced. Stood four square. Correct confirmation front and rear. Moved truly from all angles. Correctly marked. Pleasing head. Kind expression.
2nd Austen's Halesburn The Warriors.  21 months. Well up for size and substance. Strong all male head. Classically marked. Correct eye shape. Flat skull, strong muzzle. Needs time to fully mature and needs to strengthen behind.

Post Graduate Dog  (5)
1st Wells' Bernfold Bard Benedick.
  Well grown typey male, shown in good coat and condition. Clear markings. Pleasing well proportioned head and expression. Stood four square. Well angulated fore and aft giving excellent movement when he put his mind to the job.
2nd King & Bramble's Shirdees Leathal Weapon. Slightly smaller than 1st. Very well balanced. Strong firm topline, well muscled throughout. Good coat, clear markings. Gaited well but wanted to pace on the forward and back.
3rd Stelmach & Davis' Chippis Rough Diamond.  Fully mature 6 year old. Medium size. Good clear markings. Well proportioned with good shoulder placement giving pleasing front movement. Would just prefer more rear drive.
Res Allison's Tickbern Space Cowboy For Alisnobern.
VHC Akehurst's Jesterbrock Alpine Storm.

Limit Dog  (9 , 1)
1st Richards' Marrack Van't Pachthof Von Richenbern (Bel Imp).
Fully mature, above average size, handsome 5 year old. Sturdy strong with bone to match. Excels in head. Wide flat skull, good eye and ear set. Well marked. Fully coated. Covered the ring well.
2nd Bridges' Deerpark Traveling Man V Kernow (Imp USA).  Not as mature as 1st but well shown enhancing his attributes. Having strong outline, excellent coat and condition. Pleasing head slightly marked. Very good front with good depth of chest. Enough reach and drive.
3rd Vaychkus & Kaickus' Flintas Kalnu Suo At Bernaroso ShCM (Imp).
Res Folkes' Monty Of Wolf Point At Dacfolke NAF TAF (Imp Rom).
VHC Austen's Collansues Excalibur.

Open Dog  (6, 2)
1st and 2nd stood out to me and gave me my biggest challenge.
1st Bird & Bridges' Ch Kernow Something ShCM. Shown in full coat and tiptop condition. You have to really get your hands in to feel well ribbed, strong loin, well muscled hind quarters. Head is pleasing, strong straight muzzle, well defined stop, correct ear set. Won this place with his positive true movement. CC.
2nd Rothery's Glamrock Graffiti Artist ShCM.  Lovely dog, good breed type, not coarse in any way. Melts you with his expression. Well balanced strong head, good deep chest, firm strong outline, moved strongly from rear but not as positive in front today. Reserve CC.
3rd Gopal's Ch Collansues Secret Bridges.
Res Rumble's Bernfold Donner By Glenbrienz.

Veteran Dog  No entries

Minor Puppy Bitch  (2).
Two lovely puppies.
1st Bridges' Kernow Rock Legacy Angel.  Good size, make and shape. Pleasing head and expression. Clear markings. Well angulated front and back. Exceptional depth of chest. Moved purposely and true.
2nd Mutter's Most Beautiful From Christofland At Xaria. Well named as she has the sweetest expression and head developing well. Movement was good but not quite as well balanced as 1st.

Puppy Bitch  (2)
1st Price's Silvretta Alpine. 
This puppy has everything you could wish for at 10 months. Pretty sound and the best of movement. She quietly did all that was asked of her and did not put a foot wrong. Standing she has the best of fronts, straight level topline, well rounded rump, enough bone for size. Hope she continues well.
2nd Bridges' Kernow Follow This.  This puppy has lovely rich colouring, stands well, excellent proportions, pleasing head and expression but would prefer a slightly darker eye, bit reluctant on move but it was very hot at this stage.

Junior Bitch  (2)
1st Goodyear's Harvestbank Indian Summer.
  Well up for size and substance, rich dark colouring, well presented, strong in outline, good bone, head coming on with good stop and strong muzzle, dark eye. Moved truly thanks to her excellent angulation.
2nd Oakaby's Iscabern Daffadowndilly.  So pretty and feminine with her gleaming white markings that catch the eye. Beautifully proportioned and moving well. Felt 1st had a stronger profile and was stronger on the move.

Yearling Bitch  (3, 2)
1st Bird & Head's Cullumbern Roman Toga With Millermead JW.
Lovely outline, well presented, strong yet feminine girl. Perfect markings. Excellent front assembly, moved truly with good rear drive. Well proportioned head with very expressive use of ears.

Post Graduate Bitch  (6, 1)
1st King &Bramble'sShirdees Miss Congeniality JW.
Presented beautifully. Happy, well proportioned, good bone substance but still feminine. Correct markings. Stood four square. Held her topline well. Active, alert, and very expressive dark eye. Pleasing head shape. Moved well and truly from all angles. Reserve CC.
2nd Flanagan's Collansues Something Rosie.  Close up for type, strength and substance. Good outline, strong yet feminine bitch. Well angulated and muscled. Showed and moved well – just preferred head and expression of 1st.
3rd KNight's Kernow Something Fancy.
Res Allison's Alisnobern Rainbow Diamond.

Limit Bitch  (4)
1st Oakaby's Tickbern Teasle At Iscabern.
Very pretty and feminine bitch shown in lovely coat and condition. So well proportioned, pleasing head and expression. Excellent front assembly with good extension, just a little more rear drive would be perfect.
2nd Miles' Jaybiem Burli Shassi JW. Very close up to 1st. Excellent shape and make, strong outline but still feminine. Well proportioned, good angulation and fine mover. Just preferred 1st eye shape and expression.
3rd Stelmach & Davis' Chippis Shes A Diamond. Appealing 6 year old, medium size, well balanced, good clear markings, firm topline well held. Not reach and drive of my 1st and 2nd.
Res Flanagan's Collansues Heart Of Gold.

Open Bitch  (7, 1)
1st Goodyear's Harvestbank Fields Of Gold JW ShCM.
I first judged her when she was my Best Puppy 4 years ago, now surely at her best. Great outline, strong boned, striking markings. Shown in good coat and condition. Kind dark eye, wide flat skull, correctly marked. Well angulated front assembly, good depth of chest. She moved steady and true. Bitch CC and Best of Breed.
2nd Flanagan's Collansues Magical Dream. This girl is rising 8, larger than 1st but well proportioned, strong well marked pleasing head and expression, good front angles and deep chest. Covered the ground well not quite the drive from rear. She deserved this place for excellent breed type.
3rd Miles' Jaybiem My My My JW .
Res Thew's Ch Meadowpark Sweetest Thing At Jaybiem ShCM JW
VHC Allison's Tickbern Quick Step For Alisnobern.

Veteran Bitch  (2)
1st Flanagan's Collansues Rosebud.
  Just over 8 and another that belies her age. Standing four square, presenting a strong outline. Well up for size and substance. Did not disappoint on the move. Classic markings complete the picture. Best Veteran.
2nd Wood's Tamarbern Dusky Maiden.
Judge - Lindsey Worrow (Downland)




Jude Simonds

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